Despite Nkandla, long live ANC!

“The ANC will be in power for the next 50 years!”

So says Ntombende Landingwe, African National Congress’ provincial executive committee member. She was speaking at the ANC Constituency Office in Stellenbosch.

When asked who would come in to power after the “estimated 50 years”, Landingwe responded, without pause: “still the ANC”.

“Because of where we come from, the struggle of the comrades, those who were forced to leave the country and those we died, that is why people still believe in the ANC.”

Jacobus Davids, wearing his black, green and yellow shirt, believes that “the ANC has consistently delivered to the poorest of the poor. Nkandla has been used as a tool by the opposition to portray the ANC as a corrupt organisation, a view upheld by the white minority of this country.”

Welile Dimon, also clad in ANC attire, feels that “the ANC is the only organisation that cares about the interest of all people in South-Africa. It is also the only party that has experience in delivering services to the people.”

When asked if the Nkandla scandal swayed his opinion of the ruling party he said “not at all, also it is as ongoing matter. This has nothing to do with the elections or what the ANC has achieved over the past 20 years.”

Anastacia Slamat, political analyst, says that “the ANC is a liberation movement turned political party. Loyalty to the ANC is thus not something that would just change”.

“Party loyalty and affiliation can be attributed to much more than rational choice. Instead it is usually engrained in what can be called ‘emotional knowledge’”.

“That is what one generation passes on to the next generation, what they believe to be true about the world around them, how they are socialised and what values and beliefs they hold true. These beliefs about themselves form the basis of their identity.”


Mynhardt Kruger, Democratic Alliance Students’ Organisation (DASO)chair, said that he will not vote DA if they were to be associated with corruption. The DA has a mantra: “If we don’t do our work, vote us out. I am waiting for the day the ANC will say such a thing.”

Public Protector Thuli Mandonsela released her report into security upgrade at President Nacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead earlier this year. It is “conservatively” estimated that the upgrades amounted to R246 Million.

During the first democratic South-African elections in1994, the ANC received 62% of the votes. They are expected to win again this year, by a similar margin.


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