Stellenbosch University celebrates 20 years of democracy

This week Stellenbosch University celebrates and commemorates 20 years of democracy and freedom, with interactive art, amongst other things.
A potentially colourful wire construction has been erected on the Rooiplein, but they need your help.
All you need to do is take a piece of material from one of the provided containers and weave it to the wire. Each colour signifies a different response to the question: “How do we spread freedom and cultivate belonging?”
Red: By acting on great ideas
Yellow: By living unashamedly ethical
Green: By fostering diverse relationships
Black: By giving credit where credit is due
Blue: By looking on the bright side
The fittingly titled 20 years of Democracy (20YD): the story continues takes place between 12 and 16 May. Besides the interactive art, it will also include a film festival and a special Mandela/Parks exhibition at the Sasol Arts Museum.
Ms Monica du Toit of the Centre for Inclusivity and co-coordinator of the celebrations, says “The programme aims to emphasize multiple discourses in the stories of democracy at Stellenbosch University, showcase engagement with 20 years of democracy in the teaching and learning space and create strong visual experiences and student engagement with art works.”
For more information: check out this website or follow @20yofstellies on Twitter.


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